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Buck Munson will examine the accessible areas of the house, inside and out, for issues or defects that could impact the home's value and safety. This includes dry rot, wood destroying insect (NPMA-33), electromagnetic field (EMF), laser and infrared investigations.


Buck's inspections last roughly three hours, followed by a one-hour walk-through with you. The walk-through is a unique opportunity to learn about the home, see Buck's findings and ask questions. A comprehensive inspection report, filled with informative photos and detailed notes, is emailed to you the following day and can also be sent to your realtor.


It is important to note that inspections are an imperfect science; it is impossible to find and report everything. Your fee pays for the inspection and report only. The cost of any repairs--reported or not--are the sole responsibility of the buyer or home owner.


For the best inspection, make sure: 

  • Gas, water and power are turned on. 

  • The attic, crawl space, water heater, furnace/AC and electrical panels are accessible.